Welcome to Eastern Leaves

A virtual tea table for our alumni, travellers, and tea club members

Become part of an international community of like-minded people who share your same passion for tea and conversation; organize get-togethers in your city or virtual tea sessions; share your past travel experiences or future plans; ask questions and participate in discussions about the leaves that have always fascinated us.

Join our tea table

Our community is open to all our students from the Xiaoye and Daye courses, to all the travellers we have had the pleasure to host in China and Yunnan, and to all participants in our Tea Club.

You can post in four different sections:

  • General, which includes posts of public interest and a special section dedicated to the exchange of tea and teaware;
  • Alumni, to meet students and professionals who have attended the same courses, compare yourself with new research and talk about the evolution of the sector;
  • Travellers and tea trips, anywhere in the world
  • Tea Club, with spaces dedicated to the individual releases which contain additional content, a summary of all the information, and leave open the possibility for each of you to organize virtual or physical live tastings in your city.

Some ideas: why we created this community

When you join Eastern Leaves community, you’ll get access to our:

  • Knowledge sharing: the tea industry is in continuous evolution, new dynamics continuously arises and change.
  • Virtual tea tasting events: organise your own tea brewing and chat sessions. It can be within your class or travelling group, the whole alumni group, or for all the community members: you are totally free!
  • Get-together in your city or country: search for tea-people living in your city and brew your favourite  teas with them; you can also taste together our quarterly tea club, or share your tea and travel experiences.
  • Tea-club: each quarterly chapter becomes a dynamic experience, with new content and the possibility to share your tasting experience with other members.
  • Exchange teaware and teas: because you bought too much tea (ops!), or you wish to trade certain pieces of your precious collection of teaware.